Circuits To Cure Cancer Charity Auction!

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Here is your chance to be part of a great cause and get some fun gear in the process. Tons of pedals from tons of builders.  Dave and Sam from Down By Law signed a Blisterlily and a Wee Beaver Fuzz for the auction plus they are tossing in some special DBL items including copies of their new EP. Click on the links for more details and remember that 100% of all the $ generated goes to the St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Go on git!


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Long time no talk to. Hope life is good. Still alive alive and breathing in Redding, California. Not loving it here but not hating it, It has become the perfect working environ as there is not much to do! NAMM was great and meeting lots of internet friends was the best!




We have some new designs in the works and a new logo from our good friend Jeff James


We finally have a great dealer/distributor for all of Spain Al’s Music Factory with stores in Madrid and Gijón! Thanks so much Al!

We are also now in The Guitar Emporium of Louisville, Kentucky.

One More Time!

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We just added Station Guitars to our EML Peddlers Network. Thank you very much Charlie Webster!

So we moved again – hopefully for the last time. We are in Redding, California now and things are rolling along. We have secured our spot at NAMM for January 2014. Our good friend Andrew Orvis from State To State will be manning the board. We also have a bit of exciting news to share in a few weeks and hopefully the rollout will happen at the Convention.

We have started offering the No.83 Fuzz in a 1590BB for $187.00 This one has side etched jacks, an on/off LED, along with being a fuzz monster. We have been playing with the fet choices lately and though the good ones don’t come cheap and easy we have been able to find a blistering combination of 2SK170′s and a 2SC644 that really sing.

83 Fuzz 1

83 Fuzz side

Ok – back to the bottle….

Holiday In Cambodia

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Well good-bye Spain and thanks for the 6 years of cervesa, sol y amigos muy buenos. Sorry to leave but as the life of such a beautiful place, buoyed only by the lovely people, slides into third world status I will grieve your demise from this side of the Atlantic.

It was a good run but as the saying goes – Get while the gettin’ is good – So I went and got.

I packed my cat and my crap together last month and with my eyes wide shut I plunked a finger down on the map and low and behold we landed ourselves in the Pacific Northwest.

Portland Oregon to be exact.

So far so good and thanks to the new friends I have made here who have blindly opened their hearts, homes and barstools.

Finally set up and rolling and have adjusted our prices now we are in the states.  Take a look at the individual pedal pages for the new prices

A few changes coming soon too as we begin our partnership with ToneConcepts from Canada who will be taking control of Canadian stores/sales. I will put out the details in the next weeks when we launch.

ToneConcepts will be representing us at the summer NAMM coming up soon too.

Thanks Guys!


April 2013 – Julia Kosterova, Andrea Lombardini, Soundspace & Guitar FX Direct

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Our amazingly talented friend from Russia Julia Kosterova has her first EP available on April 22nd. Springs Of Time is now pre-ordering with lots of interesting extras available also at Pledge Music The work features Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater, Planet X, BCC) as a special guest on keyboards, Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats) on drums and Chris Buck (3 Crows) on bass. Check out Julia in the studio making the new EP

You can follow her FB page here:

Next up we are happy to be working with Andreas Lombardini. Andreas is a bass player/composer/producer in Italy. You can check him out on FB too at:

We want to say thank you also to our newest dealers – Guitar FX Direct from The Isle Of Man & SoundSpace Records from Sweden. Great to be working with both of you.

Working on a few new things here that I will detail out later. Thank you again to all who have helped and believed!

Rock & Roll!

Loopers Paradise, New Bugsy & Demos on the Way From Gear Man Dude!

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Hi everyone – Happy to announce we are working with Loopers Paradise from Germany!

Check out the new video by EML Abusers Bugsy – Skating The Hell

We are sending a full set of pedals to Gear Man Dude and his Rock & Roll Snakeskins this week – so stay tuned.


Our First NAMM Appearance!

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9th of December, 2012 – Knobs?

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Due to supply sourcing and popular demand we are going to the KN style knobs starting in the new year…Please inquire if you want metal ones for the immediate future – when the last ones are gone – they are gone!

November 20, 2012 No.83 Fuzzes Available Again!

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Ok – So this pedal is a labor of love and I swore I’d build no more but lots of people keep asking for it and I have been lucky enough to get a handful of the special transistors used in the originals. So I procured a batch of YY’s from Michael at Pedalenclosure and for a short time you can get one. All the info is here No.83 Fuzz .

These pedals are extremely hard to etch and craft so it will be 4-6 weeks to get your pedal. Sometimes things move faster

November 12, 2012 – On Board With ToneConcepts!

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Lots of great things going on here. We are stoked to now be working with ToneConcepts in the USA & Canada. They will be providing full distribution throughout North America. Checkout their web page to see al lthe other builders they represent including Crazy Tube Circuits and Jam Pedals. Great to be part of the team.

Here are Seraphim and Leo hard at work with the inimitable Billy Gibbons!

The ToneConcepts guys have all ready hooked us up with Nels Cline – Check out the video Nels was so kind to make on our Abusers page.

Last but not least Alberto Milani from Italy is using an array of EML pedals!

ToneConcepts will be presenting the whole EML line at the Winter NAMM Convention 2013!
Thank you everyone! We’ll have some more news soon – Cheers